The Headshot

A quality headshot is one of the most important marketing tools an actor can possess.  Your headshot is the first impression you’ll make to casting directors and those who decide whether or not to call you for an audition. A poor headshot can cost you opportunities while an excellent one enables them.

With hundreds of actors trying for parts every day, it’s difficult to get noticed by casting directors. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable knowing that your headshot shows you as a confident actor who is ready to tackle the part? I will teach you how to achieve that confident look and together we will capture headshots that help you stand out.

The Session

As the photographer I have one job, to make you look your absolute best. To do that, I need you to be comfortable in front of the camera. Any anxiety will show on your face, and you won’t look your best.

Through a mixture of direct and indirect coaching, I help you become more comfortable in front of the camera. You will never be left wondering what to do next, cause I will let you know what I want. I will teach you the poses that work best, and the facial expressions that show your confidence and approachability.

As we shoot, we will review the photos on my laptop. Using this tool, we will learn what works and what doesn’t. We can then make adjustments to what we are doing and thus improve the quality of the photos.

We will also talk a lot during the session. I love getting to know my clients and sharing things about myself. I tend to be a little silly during a shoot, and I’m sure we will share many laughs together. The more you laugh, the more comfortable you become and the better your headshots will look. Yes, you will have fun and enjoy the shoot

Steven is a great photographer,

Super fun, easy to work with and knowledgable. The photo shoot was fast and he even had all of the photos edited and ready to be downloaded by the next day. He is someone that I would recommend to anyone looking for professional photography.

Male Actor Headshot
Joey S.
Actor Headshots

The most comfortable headshot shoot ever,

And the whole time felt as natural as breathing!
Steven’s direction is easy-going, familiar and totally friendly.
That doesn’t even mention how STUNNING the shots turned out!
Totally blessed.

Bridget C.
Actor Headshots

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